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Youth Dialogues @Unicef Conference hall
Young people's Media Network in Tanzania (YOMNET)





Kindly refer to the heading above. We are the Network of children and youth who are working in the media in Tanzania. On the April 19-23, Tanzania participated in the 4th World summit on Media for children and adolescent held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

and youth in that summit. In respond to the request UNICEF organized a preparatory meeting with the Rio participants and representatives of children and youth from various media bodies in Tanzania such as TV and Radio presenters and producers, film makers, camera people, reporters, wall magazines, cartoonists and others.

 After the Rio summit, UNICEF held another meeting to get feedback from the Rio participants. Here is where the idea of forming a young media network in Tanzania came out. On 21-22 of June 2004, another meeting was held specifically to form a network with clear objectives of increasing, strengthen and coordinating children and youth activities and participation in the media.


Way forward, the interim secretariat of 8 children and youth was elected in order to facilitate the establishment of the network countrywide including setting up strategies, action plans and the registration process for the new network.

 Itís the fact that youth and children are the majority consumers of media products which cut across the fast growing technology; form newspapers, radio, and television to Internet access.

Even though most of the stories, news and incidents reportedly in media concerning them have been bias and lacking appreciation of their potentials and apprehend factories thatís give them life. In regard to this young people and children need to be consulted and involved in designing and delivery of massages and information that for them rather than being recipients of the messages. The information given should be based on relevance and reality in addressing critical issues and provokes dialogue and stimulate discussions among children, young people and their communities.

 Therefore, we here-by to introduce to you and your office this network, so that we would be able to work hand in hand in protecting and safe guard the welfare of young people in the media industrious and strengthen, increase their participation in the media.


Itís our hope you and your office will work with us in building Tanzania fit for youth and children.


                                         Youth Dialogue (c)2004